Maybe you’ve tried everything imaginable to show up as an amazing  parent, yet still can’t shake the feelings of inadequacy, defeat and dissatisfaction? Do you feel overwhelmed?

Perhaps you feel limited by your past, uncertain of your future, and dissatisfied with your present? 

You’re not alone - parenting is a tough job. I’d love to help you learn how to enjoy the journey.
We all have different experiences - it’s what makes each of us singular and special.  Each of us are truly worthy of acceptance and love.

As a Parent Life Coach, I am passionate about  empowering you with the tools necessary to find peace, satisfaction and joy in your life, regardless of your circumstances.  

We’ll do this by questioning and replacing your negative thought patterns of perceived societal norms and expectations.  

My goal is to help you understand and  accept yourself as you are, so you can then exemplify and teach your kids how to do the same for themselves. 

I am here to help you find your inner greatness.  It is there; you just need to find it.  Only you have the power to do so.  And I’m here to help you.

I can’t wait to work with you.  Your better life is waiting.  Are you ready? 
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"I have had the pleasure of being coached by Heather for multiple sessions over the past six months.  She has a gift for holding space and really listening actively to what you are saying without interrupting, and then being able to distill what you are saying down to a sentence or two that gets to the heart of the issue without being unkind or abrupt.

From there, the questions she asks in session lead to the kind of self examination that makes me wish that I could carry her with me all day, every day, so that when I begin to complicate things for myself unnecessarily, she could help to show me my own thoughts."

- Stella Evans
"Heather's coaching has helped me find great insight into my life. She has helped me discover how my feelings drive the actions that produce my results. My experience in being coached by her has been transformative. I highly recommend that any person who values personal growth to consider coaching with her. You won't be disappointed."

- Laura Kelley
"Heather helped me tremendously in navigating some challenges with my teenage son. Her methods are sound, and she taught them well enough that I can implement them in all aspects of life. I would highly recommend her as a life coach to any one!"

- Paige Weed
"I have loved coaching with Heather!  She's a great listener and was able to share tools with me that have been life changing!   Her calm demeanor and coaching style immediately put me at ease and she gives the perfect balance of support and encouragement while also keeping me accountable.  I was able to create amazing results with her guidance and am living life on my terms again!  Heather is exceptional at what she does and I highly recommend coaching with her!"

- Bonni Massa, MD
"This woman is amazing!  She has coached me out of some incredible and remarkable slumps in my profession, life, family, relationships and more.  Heather has been a guiding light for me and what I need help with.  I have been able to see where I need progress in more than just my extreme & complex parenting situations.  Her ability to hold the space for me to be able to find the motivation blocks and to continue to push forward and show up fully for myself and those around me has been a guiding inspiration and has unleveled everything!  I continue reaching instead of the holding back, make no mistake.  I am by no means done that is why I continue and will continue to have her as my coach!  If there were hundreds of stars I would click them all."

- Sasha Dotson