Hi!  My name is Heather Mather. 

 I am a wife and mother, a Certified Parent Life Coach, and committed advocate for you and your kids.

While I believe my greatest calling in life is motherhood, I also believe I was created to serve in other ways too.

I have always loved children, and my pursuits in life have always led me back to them. My experiences include being a mother, nurse, English teacher, summer-camp counselor, preschool owner/teacher and Paraeducator. 

Through these various experiences,  I have developed a firm belief  that children are our best investment for a brighter future.  I also believe that the best way to help children reach their true potential is by helping parents reach theirs. 

We live in a social-media saturated society filled with false expectations, filtered images, and fairytale stories of stereotypical families and children.  As a result, the stigmas and comparisons we form feel real and are often self-defeating, damaging, and limiting,  not only for ourselves but for our children as well. 

We all have different experiences - it’s what makes each of us singular and special.  Each of us are truly worthy of acceptance and love.