3 Truths I Want My Kids to Remember

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#1.  Your worth has already been determined.

You’re 100% worthy. This is non-negotiable. If you weren’t worthy to be on earth, you wouldn’t be.  Nobody on earth has the power to change that. Not even you. If you cannot feel your worth, search inward and show up for yourself until you do. 

#2. You are PERFECT the way you are.

You were born perfect. God is not saving the "right person" for you. That "right person" is yourself. It’s so important to show up as that "right person" for you. You are the only person you have control of.  My hope is that you someday meet someone who is worthy to be with you...this "right person". Not someone who completes you, but rather, one who understands that you are already complete. That someone will treat you as an equal. That someone will not only have the guts to stand by you, but also up to you. That someone will love you completely and will seek to live a life that will complement your strengths AND your weaknesses.

#3. There is NEVER anything WRONG with you. 

EVER.  You are right where you need to be. Always. Your desire to improve or change should be motivated ONLY by you. NEVER due to your feelings of inadequacy. As you trust yourself completely, you will recognize the difference between the blessings and toxicities in your life.  Interestingly, they often appear the same. True peace and happiness reside only in truth.  Healthy relationships will be drawn to you as you nurture a healthy relationship within yourself.